Must-Have Hammock Accessories

Must-Have Hammock Accessories

There is no feeling quite like the hug of a hammock on your back as you sway in the wind enjoying the sounds of nature. Lucky for you, a lot of people agree and have come up with some creative, and now essential, accessories to make your hammock experience that much more enjoyable. 



From heavy-duty warmth and comfort necessities used for hammock camping to twinkle lights and cup holders that elevate your cocoon, these hammock accessories are something you never knew you needed. Soon you won’t be able to sink into your hammock without them.


Stay Warm & Dry

If you’ve never tried hammock camping but thought the idea of sleeping in your hammock overnight in nature sounds appealing, here are some accessories to help you take those first steps to hammock camping.



As much as you want to look up at the night sky as you fall asleep, there is something special about the sound of rain on a tarp above you. Since your body is suspended in the hammock, a tarp above you is all you need to stay dry. Tarps are also multi-functional, even if you aren’t in a hammock, you can tie it to some trees and use it as a shade or rain cover over any part of your campsite. Check out which style of tarp will best fit your needs.


Tree Straps

We at Rallt LOVE hammock tree straps. They keep our tree friends happy and healthy ensuring the bark isn’t stripped or damaged from the weight. You can also wrap and carry your hammock in them. With our straps, you won’t need a backup, but if you have some room to spare it might come in handy to have another set to use as an extender if the trees are too far apart. Things to look for in hammock straps. Shop our favorites here!


Bug Net

Some of the most beautiful places to camp are often filled with little critters. Listening to the noises of the night is even more fun when you are safe and sound in a bug net. Everyone has a different preference, so before purchasing, ask yourself what you value more: fully integrated net vs add-on, zipper vs no zipper, ease of attachment vs ease of getting out. Here are the 7 options for hammock bug nets.



For most seasons, a sleeping bag in the hammock or a bug net will insulate you enough to keep warm at night, but when temperatures drop below 40 degrees, campers prefer an underquilt for some backside insulation. We like the ThermaQuilt 360 for all-around warmth and versatility, but if you’re on a budget, check out this budget friendly alternative.


Sleeping Pad

For added warmth and comfort, a sleeping pad is an accessory you can use for your hammock, tent, or the good old-fashioned ground. Sleeping pads, especially ones with wingsflatten your hammock a bit to make side sleeping easier. They are also good to have in case you find yourself needing to spend a night somewhere without trees. Here are some budget-friendly options.



Making Your Hammock a Home Away from Home

Some may view these items as luxuries, which is true if you’re backpacking and need to be picky with what are really hammocking essentials. But for the extra bit of weight, we think these accessories will make the difference between a hammock house and a hammock home.


Storage Organizer

This can be used for anything you need at arm's reach. (keep in mind, you’re essentially levitating in a hammock, so traditional tables for storage are a little out of reach). Whether it’s for chargers, books, or snacks these organizers clip on the side of your hammock to keep the essentials near you at all times.


Cup Holder

Whether you want to sip on a cold drink while you read a good book or wake up in the middle of the night as dry as a desert, having a cup holder at arm's reach is a must-have accessory in our book. This one is a good option because you can even tie it to your waist as a hands-free water holder on hikes around the campsite.


Mood Lighting

We know there are stars above you in the night sky, but sometimes you need to create your own ambiance. LED twinkle lights are the perfect way to make your hammock a home away from home. They take up minimal space and can light the way for you to read a book or find the phone that might have slid underneath you (see storage organizer above).

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