Why Hammock Straps Are Better Than Ropes

Why Hammock Straps Are Better Than Ropes

Most traditional hammocks come with a rope to secure it to the tree. However, there are a lot of reasons why investing in a good set of hammock straps is worth every penny - for your sake and the environment’s!


Doesn’t Damage Trees

Hammocks put a lot of stress on the trees. Between the weight and friction on the bark, the cambium eventually gets damaged. Straps allow the weight to be more evenly distributed across a wider surface which limits the amount of damage. In fact, a lot of national parks require hammocks to have straps that are a certain width in order to keep their trees safe. 


More Durable

Hammock straps are made of water repellent materials that don’t stretch under pressure. This makes them much more durable to variable weather and long-term use. Rope is usually made of natural fibers which will fluctuate in different weather conditions and will wear down over time. 


Prevents Sagging Hammocks

Straps also allow for a sturdier hammock experience. Because of how straps are tied to the tree, it prevents them from moving back and forth too much. This helps during the set up process so you can wiggle around and get comfortable without it sliding down the tree.  Most of the security, though, comes from the material. Since hammock straps don’t stretch, it will keep your hammock pulled tight and keep it that way. Traditional ropes will stretch depending on how much weight is in the hammock and can result in the hammock sagging too low to the ground.

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