15 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping in 2023

15 Reasons to Try Hammock Camping in 2023

Looking for a healthy hobby this year? Hammock camping is becoming all the rage! Not only is it better for your health than tent camping, but it is even more comfortable. You can enjoy some alone time or if you want to hang with friends you can set up a sea of hammocks. Easy to set up and cheaper than a tent makes this hobby perfect for first timers. Check out this list of reasons you should try hammock camping in the new year.


  1. Helps with back pain and insomnia because it helps you relax.
  2. Helps with posture because forms to your body.
  3. Keeps head elevated at 10-30 degrees which helps circulation.


  1. Hugs and rocks you to sleep.
  2. The morning and afternoon sun doesn’t turn it into a sauna (for cold seasons, here are some options to stay warm).
  3. Protection from rain with a tarp (and we can guarantee no puddles will leak in from the ground).
  4. Protection from insects with a bug net.
  5. Perfect for some solitude or you can hang next to a buddy.
  6. No walls = More view.


  1. You can set up camp wherever you want (even on a wet rocky slope).
  2. Lightweight and portable.
  3. Easier to set up than pitching a tent.
  4. Cheaper than a tent.
  5. Doubles as a seat.
  6. Leaves no trace! Not only does hammock camping mean you don't damage plants on the ground, with RALLT hammock straps you can ensure you don't damage any trees.
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