SAY "YES" TO THIS HAMMOCK. I love this thing! I use it constantly, and have never had an issue with it. The ropes it comes with work great, though I did get a set of RALLT flat straps, too. Buy this hammock!

Becca Russell

Love this hammock! I have purchased less expensive hammocks, but feel impressed with the quality of the material. Seems very premium! Ripstop pattern. Triple stitched seems. A good combination of stretch and soft feel to this hammock.

Hector Gutierrez

I bought this hammock "last minute" before a trip. I didn't want to spend a lot, and this was perfect for a quick week-long trip if it held up. It did more than that! I have now owned it for 4 years and have not had a single issue with it. It is durable and light and will not let you down. Worth every penny.

Danny Gallagher

This thing is a steal! I've used ENO and Kammok branded hammocks from outfitters like REI, and I have to say that this will save you a ton of money, without compromising on quality!

M. Frazzler

I bought these for my niece (15) and nephew (12) for their birthdays as these were rated as some of the highest quality hammocks on the market. As soon as they opened them, they were extremely excited! We have been very happy with the quality and design of the hammocks.

Derek A.