7 Creative Ways to Use Our Carabiners While Camping

7 Creative Ways to Use Our Carabiners While Camping


1. Hang Your Hammock

Duh! We specially designed our carabiners to hang your hammock confidently. Attach your straps to the tree and attach your hammock to the straps with a carabiner. 


2. Pulley System 

The smooth edges on a carabiner make it perfect for a pulley system. Use some rope and hang anything you want to keep safe from wild animals up high in a tree.


3. “Lock” Your Food

If you’re camping, there is likely going to be some wild animals around. If you don’t want to move your food out of reach at all times, you can use a carabiner to “lock” up your cooler. This confuses the bears and other animals just enough, they will leave it alone.


4. Extend the Zipper

Nothing is worse than searching for a zipper in your tent or sleeping bag - let alone if the zipper breaks! Carabiners make the perfect zipper extender so you can always find it in the middle of the night.


5. Attach Things to Your Belt

As you go on hikes or just want to have some things on hand for your adventures, carabiners are a great way to have everything you need at arms reach. Sunscreen, keys, tools, etc. no longer take up any space in your backpack.  


6. Connect Things to Your Bag

Space is precious when camping and sometimes those luxury items you have to say no bringing might be able to fit perfectly with a carabiner. Hook your item to the straps on your backpack for added storage. This works perfectly for extra shoes or a hammock!


7. Attach Things to Your Dog

Dogs are great companions while adventuring and they even provide some extra storage! Clipping things onto their harness means you can have the extra space to bring whatever you need on your hikes. There are plenty of portable water bowls for your pup or maybe you want to use that storage for yourself. Either way, carabiners are an easy way to attach and remove any item you chose.

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