These 25 survival "tips" could actually hurt you.

These 25 survival "tips" could actually hurt you.

Here are 25 things you thought you knew about survival that could actually get you killed. The video is from List25.

Watch the video for all the details. Below I summarized the lessons learned from exposing and examining each myth.

Lessons learned

The video exposes the myths. Here is what you should do instead of relying on the myths:

  1. In a survival situation, food is not a priority. You can survive weeks without it.
  2. Carry a lighter or matches. Starting fire by rubbing two sticks together is harder than you think.
  3. Survival TV shows does not a survival expert make.
  4. Don’t suck the venom out of a snake bite. It’ll do more damage than good. Wash and cover the wound, then get to a hospital fast.
  5. You cannot outrun a bear. If a bear charges, stand your ground and hope the bear backs off.
  6. If a bear makes contact, cover and play dead with a grizzly. If it’s a black bear, fight back.
  7. In a shark attack, don’t punch the shark in the nose. It’s a tough target to hit. Instead go for the eyes and gills.
  8. Stranded in the desert, it’s better to sit in the shade during the day and move about at night.
  9. Drinking your own urine to avoid dehydration is a very short-term solution. Consider the option of using it on a bandana to cool yourself off.
  10. There’s only one cactus you can really drink from: the fishhook barrel cactus. Others will make you sick.
  11. Be prepared with essential survival gear, even on short trips. Nobody plans to get lost and stranded.
  12. Helicopters cannot save you everywhere.
  13. Boiling water kills germs, but does not clean any crap floating around in it. Filter it before you boil. In a pinch, you can run it through your shirt.
  14. Melt snow and then drink it.
  15. For shelter, prioritize bedding before a roof.
  16. If you are impaled, don’t pull out the object without the medical supplies to stop the bleeding.
  17. Only use tourniquets as a last resort when it’s likely that you’ll lose your limb. Once applied, do not remove it. Note the time the tourniquet was applied. The doctor will need to know to remove it safely.
  18. During an earthquake, hiding under a doorway is no longer a good idea. Doorways are constructed differently now than they used to be. Instead, hide under a sturdy desk or table.
  19. Don’t eat unknown plants.
  20. Moss can grow on any side of a tree. Don’t depend on it for direction.
  21. Drinking alcohol does not keep you warm. It does the opposite.
  22. It’s not always warmer on higher ground.
  23. Rip currents don’t always pull directly away from shore. To escape one, swim perpendicular to the actual current, which isn’t always parallel to the shoreline.
  24. Survival situations usually come about gradually, not suddenly. There are signs that can help you avoid them.
  25. Survival is largely about prevention.
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