This is the lightest, quick-adjust hammock suspension. VIDEO

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This is the lightest, quick-adjust hammock suspension. VIDEO

How should you hang your hammock? There are a number of options out there balancing weight with ease of adjustment.

We have our own hammock straps, which are a good balance for most people because they require no knots but are still lightweight and compact.

If you don't mind knots, then the lightest option is to just use rope. The drawback is that adjusting the length means untying and retying the knots.

For as little as 8 grams of additional weight, you can add a quick adjustment system.

I've seen a two variations of these. My favorite is from Derek Hansen of The Ultimate Hang, because it requires less hardware overall.

Notice how the rappel rings go on the hammock without the need for carabiners. The webbing is optional but recommended because it helps protect the trees.

You still have to be comfortable stringing the rope through the rings. If you are, then this could be a good option.

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